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Medically Supervised Weight-Loss Clinic

NuBody - Weight Loss Clinic | Youngsville, LA

NuBody offers you qualified expertise for effective weight loss. We are focused on providing you with personalized attention and friendly service to assure you the best possible results.

NuBody originally opened as Weight Wise in 2003 and we expanded from there. Our convenient location to assist you with your weight loss: Youngsville.


It is our intention to teach patients how to purchase and prepare meals for themselves and their families. We do not promote "meal replacements," but sometimes use them in the very beginning of the weight loss journey. Learning how to read food labels and identify ingredients that cause the majority of us to make more insulin is KEY to controlling weight in the long run. This, in combination with a calorie-restrictive diet and exercise, results in sustainable weight loss.


Our coaches, nurses, and staff are all trained in weight loss and provide a wide range of support to help you obtain and maintain your goal weight.

NuBody is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to each and every patient. There are many ways to lose weight, but to ensure body fat loss requires frequent body mass analyses. Throughout the entire program, we monitor our patients’ progress by analyzing their body composition on our state-of-the-art scale.


The Tanita BF350 computes the weights associated with fat, water, and muscle within our body and we make timely adjustments to the program to keep the body losing fat and not just weight (muscles, water etc.). Muscles burn calories and it is OK to gain muscle weight to reach your long-term weight (fat) loss goals.

About NuBody weight loss clinic

About Our Team of Weight Loss Professionals

About our team of medical weight loss professionals

Amber Menard

Amber graduated in 2010 in Dietetics, taught aerobics for over 8 years and personally battled with her own weight issues. She has realized that our social lives revolve around food, so she had to learn how to make better food choices in each situation. She now makes "better choices" rather than always trying to "be on" a diet.


Dr. Kathy Tracy

Dr. Tracy opened her first clinic in 2008 and has continued to grow since then. Her main goal is and always will be "there is nothing more fulfilling than helping patients achieve their weight loss goals!"



Some of the things we struggle with are moderation, consistency, and seeing this is a lifestyle change and not a "rush to meet a goal". The greatest challenge is just to keep pushing and not to give up.  One goal is to continue getting fitter and stronger.  The second goal is to empower other people by offering mentorship to those who are trying to transform their bodies and lives once and for all!   We plan to inspire and motivate many others around me to make healthy choices in regards to health and fitness.  We hope that my story and life change can also change others and inspire them to start their own transformation journeys so they too can have a NuBody!!  You may feel like you have tried everything under the sun (like US) to lose weight and you've failed and decided that you are just destined to be fat and unhealthy....but this isn't true.  We KNOW how that feels and just want you to know that there are simple calculated, scientific methods that WILL make your BODY burn fat instead of storing it.  We are happy to share our journey’s and tips with anyone who has the will to actually commit and put them into practice.




Our goals:

1. To provide a supportive weight loss environment to every patient we see.


2. To teach each patient how to purchase and prepare meals for themselves and their families.


3. To supply each patient with the proper tools and knowledge necessary for them to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals.