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Medically Supervised Weight-Loss Clinic

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At NuBody, our friendly and professional dietitian will conduct a nutritional consultation with you. You will then receive a medical evaluation from our physician. We are committed helping you with your personal weight-loss goals every step of the way.

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To begin the program at the Acadiana and Youngsville locations, you will schedule a thirty minute one-on-one nutritional consultation, Amber.


During this consultation, she will explain basic nutritional information as well as provide each patient with optional meal ideas, specific to their needs.


Following the nutrition consult, you will then meet with the clinic’s physician, Dr. Kathy Tracy. She will perform a medical evaluation, review your medical and family history, discuss current eating habits, and advise you on how to begin making healthier choices. Also, during this time the physician will determine if appetite suppressants are suitable.


Periodic follow-up consultations with the physician as well as with the dietitian are required. If a prescription is received, it is to be filled at the pharmacy of your choice. We do not dispense medication in clinic.


Also, we currently do not accept insurance; however, we can give you itemized copies of your receipts which you will need, if you choose to file with your insurance company separately. We apologize for any inconvenience.




New Patient Start-Up Cost

(Includes Initial Nutritional and Physician Consultation):  $100

Follow-Up Physician Consultation:  $75




Lipoplex Extreme: $25

Lipoplex: $15

Lipoden: $15

(please refer to the injection tab for more info on each injection)

Our process to help you with your weight loss

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